Many People ask if it's safe to ship a puppy. Flying puppies in airplane is very safe and less stressful than long car rides. A lot people think animals are drugged put in a box, tossed around with the rest of the baggage or left in hot planes for hours, etc. If this was true then we would never ship our puppies. After so many years of shipping puppies all over the country, we have never had any problem with our shipping besides normal flight delays and that is fairly rare as well. We may keep our puppies until 9 or 10 weeks in rare cases; if we feel they are not ready for their new home yet. We will only ship a puppy according to how the puppy is developing. We want you to receive an extremely happy and healthy puppy. Our vet will have the final say as to when the puppy is ready to travel.

We do ship your puppy to the closest airport in your location after which the puppy is then delivered to your home address, so you do not need to leave your home to go and pick up the puppy from the airport. This process is professionally handled by the shipping agent who is in charge of shipping and delivering your puppy in perfect health condition. We chose air transport because it is the fastest and it is less stressful for the puppy.

We do issue you the flight schedule of the puppy after we ship him so that you should know the time he arrives in your city. So we advise you to be at home an hour or two after the puppy lands in your city because the delivery van will definitely be bringing the puppy to your home address. Once the puppy is brought to your home address, we expect you to examine the puppy physically to make sure he has not been injured or maltreated in any way. You shall need your government-issued ID card of Drivers' license to identify yourself before signing to collect the puppy. Please make sure to give us a call once you get your puppy and also don't forget to comment on our website. Thanks for your cooperation and we wish you the best with your new family member.